International Management Degree Program
(BS Management Major)

International Management Degree Program

Globalization and the rise of the market economy are the two most fundamental and radical shifts in the world today. This program deepens a student’s understanding of the roots of international trade and commerce, the new challenges and opportunities associated with the emerging global economy and the trends and conditions of international markets and international finance. A working knowledge of a foreign language complements courses focused on multinational business operations.

International Management students complete the core curriculum in business (39 units) that is taken by all business students.  The core curriculum insures that all business majors have a solid understanding of the totality of the business enterprise.  The International Management program then consists of upper division courses in international economics, international finance, international marketing management and international law.  The International Management program concludes with an internship which may be in another country.  The program can be completed in four years of study.

In International Management students come to understand the challenges associated with working in businesses that operate in multiple countries and are capable of working in a wide variety of organizations with international operations. Specific learning outcomes are:


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