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Social Psychology Research Guide

When to Use This Guide

Use this guide when researching the behavior of groups and the influence of social factors on the individual. Note that, unlike in sociology, the focus is on the individual and not on the group.

Finding General or Background Information on Social Psychology

The following subject specific resources are useful places to begin research on social psychology.

Subject Headings for Finding Information on Social Psychology in the Book and Media Catalog

Finding Articles About Social Psychology in Research Databases

Search EBSCOhost for psychology articles published in scholarly, popular, and general interest periodicals.

Contains full-text articles and abstracts from journals published by the American Psychological Association and others. Coverage for some of them extends back to the 19th century. Note the Thesaurus (link at the top of the screen under "Subjects") for help in finding synonyms, and broader, narrower, and related concepts.

Congressional Quarterly Researcher (CQ Researcher)
Contains reports about issues widely discussed in the media, for example, family, teen sex, violence in sports, cults, prejudice, etc. While these topics are not discussed from a strictly psychological perspective, the reports can provide context and background for your research.

Selected Web Sites

Social Psychology Network
Follow the “Social Psychology Topics” link to find resources on prejudice, gender, interpersonal relations, group influence, violence, and other social psychology concepts. Or, in “Other Psychology Options” explore links to other psychology areas: cognition, developmental, personality.

The Mead Project – Foundational Documents in Social Psychology
This site offers links to web sites with full-text materials written by Mead, Baldwin, James, Dewey, and other social psychologists.

Social Psychology Basics
An online textbook by Dr. C. George Boeree at Shippensburg University.

The Personality Project
A well organized listing of overviews of online articles, bibliographies, and links to scholarly information on personality.

Stanford Prison Experiment
This site features an extensive slide show and detailed information about this classic psychology experiment conducted in the summer of 1971 at Stanford University.

Implicit Association Test
Test your attitudes with the Implicit Association Test, a tool for gaining greater awareness about your own unconscious preferences and beliefs about diversity. Choose "Demonstration" to take the tests or "Research" to participate in the project.

BBC, Science and Nature
Contains links to BBC-hosted interactive surveys related to social behavior, for example, “Spot the Fake Smile,” “Morals,” “Perfectionism,” “Reading Faces,” and more.

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