Staff Rehearses Emergency Preparedness Drill

Menlo College stages an emergency preparedness drill rehearsal

President James J. Kelly, Nilo Ventura, Chief Financial Officer, Jessie Guilliot, Director of Residential Life and Judicial Affairs, and Emily Alvelo, Assistant Director of Residential Life, participate in the Emergency Preparedness Drill

September 6, 2012

Menlo College staged an emergency preparedness drill rehearsal for staff on campus recently. The drill covered four buildings: Administration, Admissions, Gymnasium, and the Student Union. The exercise was observed by members of the Atherton Police Department, the Atherton Fire Department, and the fire alarm contractor.

The emergency exercise began at a time that was not preannounced to the staff, when assigned building monitors activated the fire alarm sirens and ordered the staff to evacuate the buildings and assemble in predesignated areas outside on the campus. Offices and rooms were checked and roll call was taken. Building monitors practiced a report to the head of the emergency team on fatalities, and immediate medical needs. 

President James J. Kelly posted an article on his Huff Post College blog about the importance of practicing an Emergency Preparedness plan. Read the whole editorial on the Huffington Post.

Contact Jay Naidu, Director of Human Resources and Head of Security, at with any questions or suggestions regarding the emergency drills.